Pastor Search Questionnaire

Pastor’s Indication of Interest and Introductory Questionnaire

After reviewing the material in HCC’s Leadership Lifestyle Covenant, please provide us with the following basic information about you, as we discern God’s will together:

Personal Information

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Cross Cultural Information

How much time have you spent overseas?
How many trips?
Total Months
Where have you spent time?
Middle EastAfricaAsiaSouth AmericaOther
When you were overseas, did you have a ministry role?
YesNo If so, what?
Egypt can feel unstable, uncomfortable, and frustrating. How flexible, optimistic, or adaptive are you?
Please describe your current ministry status/flexibility/time commitment, anticipating working in Egypt

Pastoral Information

What is your denominational affiliation?
Would you do well at supporting church-members from many different denominational backgrounds?
Have you served as a pastor?
If yes, how long?
How many congregations?
Rate yourself in these primary pastoral characteristics, considering your gifts and ministry preferences:

Ministry Area My Gift/Ability My Experience My Preference Rating
Weakness Strength Very Little More Very Much I will NOT do it Rare, not what I prefer I'll do it willingly. I'm able. I'd do it joyfully, I like it It's my passion, I love it!
Social Justice
Vision Casting
We welcome you to list other key areas where you feel you have God-given gifts and experience:


The salary and benefits we offer are limited. Will you be able to raise some portion of your own funding?
Many at HCC are gifted leaders in ministry. Are you one who delegates to, relies on, and develops other leaders?
Upload an mp3 or provide a link to one of your sermons. You may alternatively email this to us.
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