Service Times

Welcome to HCC.

Here is Egypt, we celebrate Easter two times: on the date for the Western Easter and also for Eastern Easter. So as we celebrated last weekend with the churches in the West, this upcoming weekend is when the Eastern and Coptic churches celebrate.

In light of this, our message on April 26 entitled “The Resurrection” continues the Easter theme.

After the worship service, you are invited to stay for a free cup of coffee or tea and continue in fellowship in the garden.

Children’s Christian Education:

      • Children will attend Children’s Church with a class for the older kids and one for the younger group.
      • The nursery area is available for those parents who would like to bring their little ones for care there.

Small Groups:

      • HCC Small Groups meet mostly in the Heliopolis area, but there is also one in El Rehab.
        Please see the information available at Church. [email protected].

HCC contact information: