Heliopolis Community Church is an English speaking church which meets at the Church of Michael’s (pictured here).   We have been meeting here since 1979 and have continued to grow and change as the congregation has grown.

It is a delight to meet fellow believers from all around the world; to learn more about the different ways and different traditions that Christians from various backgrounds follow. It’s also a wonderful experience to learn about the different cultures and countries that these people come from. Our one unchanging focus is the worship and Good News about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Firsthand accounts about someone’s home country always make a lasting impression and give a unique perspective that cannot be gained from TV, newscasters or other media. One of our favorite events is our annual International Evening when we taste food prepared in traditional ways and watch/listen to performances from various cultures. It is a wonderful way to celebrate our different backgrounds while uniting in spirit and fellowship.

If you are travelling to this area, or looking for a home church here in Cairo, you are welcome to come and worship with us.