International Evening – February 26

Our annual International Evening is a favorite event for HCC when we are able to celebrate the diversity of the nationalities and cultures represented in the congregation. Knowing that we are unified in our belief in the LORD Jesus Christ, we enjoy the differences of how to express worship, share our national food specialties, and cultural traditions. It is encouraging to get to know each other better in this way and to recognize our varied backgrounds. All are welcome. And bring your friends.

Game/Fun evening on Friday, January 15

We are planning a Game/Fun evening for Friday, January 15, starting at 6pm. This is a time for fellowship and just having some fun with our HCC family! All are invited to join us: it will be refreshing to just have some good, clean-minded fun together.

Christmas Eve Candle Light Service

HCC’s Christmas Eve Candle Light Service is a wonderful time to focus on the main event and reason for Christmas – the birth of God’s own Son, Jesus. Born in like manner as a human baby, in lowly circumstances, He accepted God’s will for His life, death and resurrection; and ushered in the New Covenant of peace between God and man. It is this Jesus that we celebrate and recognize: not just His first coming in the form of a baby in the manger in Bethlehem, but also as being reborn in our hearts as we accept Him and the gospel, the “Good News.” And we also look to the future time when He will return to earth again as King of kings and Lord of lords.

This is the Jesus Christ that we remember today. This is the Advent that we are preparing for – the coming of Christ our Lord – the anointed one.

All are welcome to the worship service! Bring your friends.

That’s Thursday, December 24th at 5pm!

Christmas Program: Dec 11 @ 5pm

We will celebrate Christmas with the HCC Christmas Program on Friday evening, December 11 at 5pm. What a joy to come together as a family and be reminded again about the nativity story.
First, the children will perform a musical entitled, “Great Big Story.” After this, the Youth Group will enact their Human Video (drama).
Afterwards, we plan on some fellowship time and refreshments. Please see the bulletin for more information.

Christmas at the Basilica – Dec 9 @ 7:30pm

Come and join us in publicly worshiping and proclaiming the truth of Jesus’ birth! The angles proclaimed the good news, and we want to follow their example. Come and rejoice with us! Our Savior was born in Bethlehem many years ago, and is born again in our hearts today.
The lovely tradition of hearing the scripture that recorded Jesus’ birth, and singing carols in response, has filled the Basilica with wondrous music for many years. It is heart warming to hear carols familiar to us from country to country, and year to year. There is one universal church, and you are welcome to join to participate or be blessed by hearing the good news!

Tour to Moquattam with the Cave Churches, Center of Love and recycling center (APE ) Nov 13

Tour to Moquattam with the Cave Churches, Center of Love and recycling center (APE)

We have not been on a tour of Moquattam as a fellowship event for several years. So it is a real pleasure to look forward to this time. Actually, it was planned for last Friday, but the bus company postponed it due to the rain on Thursday causing the streets in Moquattam to become very muddy and too difficult to negotiate. There are many websites that describe them:

We are looking forward to seeing the various Cave Churches and enjoy their history, beauty and setting. What a wonderful thing – to use what is available to make a church “building” where many can worship the LORD.

Next on the list is to visit the Center of Love where some HCC members volunteer their love and service to the disabled people. This has been such a blessing to many in the area. Please see their website for more information:

And our final stop will be at the recycle center, APE (The Association For The Protection Of The Environment). Again, this is a case of the ingenious use of resources – what is available – by the Egyptian Christians who recycle so much of what is discarded by others. There are numerous websites that you can see if interested. Here are a few:

Felucca Ride on the River Nile: postponed

Welcome to Autumn! We are planning a fellowship event outdoors and on the River Nile. We love to take the Felucca and sail on the Nile – even if it is only within the limits of Cairo city! A felucca is a shallow wooden boat with the traditional sails that catch the breeze. They are only used in calm waters – they do not go out to sea. But they are a favorite way to spend the afternoon or evening. We will bring a picnic lunch to share and just enjoy the fellowship, the river views and the breeze. Please see the bulletin for more information.

Women’s Retreat Fri/Sat, Oct 2/3

Our annual Women’s Retreat is planned for Friday, October 2 – Saturday, October 3. This overnight event will be at beautiful Anafora, where we are able to enjoy the peace and quiet (quite a change from the business of bustling Cairo).

Marty will bring the messages entitled, “a Feast for the SOUL.” Originally from California, Marty and her husband Mike, have lived in Egypt for 27 of the last 33 years, because this is a much more interesting place to be! Spiritually, she has everyone fooled into thinking she’s a Spiritual Giant (SG), while in reality, she’s a Spiritual Shrimp (SS).  But God, in his surprising ways has given her the gifts of teaching courses on various aspects of Spiritual Formation (SF) to anyone and everyone who will hold still for a minute, counseling and discipling and practicing spiritual direction for others, as the best ways to strengthen her own faith.  

When she’s not working at this form of self-indulgence, she likes to swim, tell bad jokes, snorkel, sing, hang out at the beach, show off pictures of her fam, and do basically anything involving water and sun!

Please see the weekly bulletin for more details.

Welcome Potluck (Covered Dish Meal) Friday, Sept 18 @ 6pm

Every year we look forward to the Welcome Potluck when we acknowledge and welcome new comers to HCC. As Egypt is a cross-roads in the Middle East, we benefit from meeting new people from many nations. This is a great time to fellowship, make new friends and deepen the bonds with other believers.
All are welcome. Please see the bulletin for more information.

Farewell Potluck (Covered Dish Meal) – May 29 @ 6pm

Our annual “Farewell Potluck” is planned for May 29th. All are welcome as we share a covered dish (potluck) meal and say “Farewell” to those who are leaving HCC and moving back to their home country or on to other places. We want to pray for those leaving and acknowledge and bless them. A time of sweet sorrow and fellowship, we know that even though we will miss our dear brothers and sisters, we remember what the scripture says:
“4 There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling;
5 One Lord, one faith, one baptism,
6 One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.” Ephesians 4