Small Group leaders meeting

The small group leaders and other’s interested in small groups will be meeting after the worship service on Friday, September 2nd. This is an exciting time of year at HCC when the small groups that have been on holiday resume meeting and new groups are formed. All interested may see the bulletin for more information.

August Fellowship Event

We are planning for a bit of fellowship and fun out of the sun (read “someplace cool”) on Friday, August 19th, after the worship service. We will meet for potluck lunch, visiting and DVD’s or board games giving us the opportunity to get to know each other better and to enjoy the people God has brought us together with. Please see the bulletin for more details.

Ladies / girls evening

Something special is planned for the HCC ladies and girls! You are invited to come for a girls/ladies night for some visiting, fun, and manicure / pedicure! Please bring your nail file, polish, foot basin (if you want a pedicure) etc. We can literally wash each other’s feet and hands, and buff, polish and bless each other with some tender loving care! We can also encourage each other in all that we talk about: Lift each other up with faith-filled words.
Please see the bulletin for more details.

Farewell Tea

We will have a special Fellowship Tea time on Friday, August 12, after the worship service. We want to say “farewell,” acknowledge and thank a brother who has been deeply involved in helping and leading our youth group this summer. Please bring cookies, cake or finger foods to share. All are welcome!
More details in the bulletin.

July’s Prayer Friday

We will have a special time of prayer after the worship service this Friday, July 29th. All are invited to stay for a dynamic time of focused prayer. We will stay in the sanctuary and pray immediately after the sound system has been removed.

Sunset Felucca Ride

We have planned a Felucca ride on the River Nile on August 15. A “felucca” is the shallow sail boat used on the Nile River. It is for the quiet waters; it is not used at sea.

Here in Cairo, the family who owns and operates the felucca usually lives on board. Their belongings are stored in the bins of the benches that line the sides of the felucca. The large table in the center will be lowered to the level of the benches, and their bed rolls will be laid out on top.

By the time we come for our sail, everything is stowed away and the boat is clean and ready for visitors.

Youth led Worship Evening from 7 – 8:30pm

June 3rd – Youth led Worship Evening from 7 – 8:30pm. We always delight in the Worship Evenings here at HCC. This is the first time for one to be arranged and led by the Youth Group – the 4th Dimension! All are welcome to come and worship with us.