Seminal Series – January 13 & 20 (6pm)

HCC is presenting a series of free seminars the first part of the year. There will be 2 seminars in January: one on Friday the 13th and the other on Friday the 20th. They will start at 6pm.

“Culture-shock, clash or disappointment?The perplexing challenges facing expatriates living in Egypt”

January 13th, Friday, at 6pm

When Ramez & Rebecca moved to Heliopolis from Canada 36 years ago, they soon learned that many things they took for granted did not work here.
 + For example, when they invited Egyptians they wanted to befriend to their home, they were surprised to hear them say “we’ll be there if God wills”. Often they never showed up!
 + Those who did come would arrive an hour later than invited and not act apologetic.
Come and hear how they learned to adapt to this rich and complex culture and share your questions and personal experiences.
Ramez and Rebecca Atallah


“The Cultural Iceberg: How to avoid being the Titanic and Navigating Cultural Waters”
January 20th, Friday, at 6pm

In the multi-cultural city of Cairo we are able to observe visible cultural differences. But under the surface are deeper cultural influences that are more difficult to observe. In this seminar, we will discuss some of the elements of culture that are harder to navigate. If we can become more aware of what lies beneath the surface, we can avoid a Titanic shipwreck!
Kristin Mathias
Professor of Cross-Cultural Communication and Theater

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