Family Fund: Assistance to Refugees

For Sudanese living in Cairo regardless of religion, tribe or language

Destabilization, war persecution, famine and extreme economic hardship have forced millions of men, women and children from both Sudan and South Sudan to come to Egypt seeking refuge and safety. Although Egypt offers hospitality, most of the Sudanese find themselves in desperate, precarious situations. Unemployment, poverty, sickness, the trauma of having lost family, friends and home… are just some of the issues they face as the daily struggle for survival continues.

She is deaf and cannot speak. She works and tries to send some of the little money that she makes home to her mother in Sudan.

One day a man enters her home and rapes her. From this incident, she has a baby. Although not guilty, she remains marginalized and shunned.

People we serve in our Family Fund ministry

He and his wife have six children, age 2 till 11. His wife dies of cancer and the next month he is told that the UN rejected him for refugee status. He is so desperate and unstable that he goes missing. His relative, having herself five children starts taking care of his children, as well. Fortunately the father comes around again and is back and taking charge of his children.

HCC Family Fund ministry contributes to relieving some of the hardship of the Sudanese People.

Every Tuesday we meet at
St. Michael’s Church Hall,
10 Seti Street, Korba, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.

Spiritual program
4:15 – 5:30PM

Social program
5:45 – 8.00PM

Your help is needed!

Pray for the Sudanese People in both Sudan and South Sudan and here in Egypt.


Give your gently used clothes, shoes, suitcases…!


Contribute financially to help keep this ministry working!