HCC Family Retreat: April 24 – 27

Each year, HCC has been blessed with a retreat at a center on the Mediterranean Sea. We choose a holiday in the spring when we can enjoy 3 nights away from the busy, busy city of Cairo. This is a family retreat with a special program for the nursery age kids, and also the school age kids. This year, the kids grade 1 and up will be learning about, “Experiencing God through the Five Senses.”

The adults (and youth) will be blessed with a visiting speaker, Rev. Ken Chupp from Warsaw Missionary Church in Warsaw, Indiana. He is planning to concentrate on what we can benefit by carefully considering the Scripture, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.”

In addition, there will be lots of time for praise and worship with 2 afternoon sessions planned to be lead by the youth. We also have the opportunity for sports, swimming, use of a track, and lots of nooks and spots for quiet conversation, personal time and meditation.

We rejoice that we will be able to take this time together to build relationship with our HOLY GOD and with each other in this way.

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