Pastor Search

Heliopolis Community Church is a vibrant and active inter-denominational international English-speaking church located in Cairo, Egypt. As a church, we value Biblical preaching and teaching, prayer and worship, and many of us are deeply invested in ministries in the church and in the surrounding community.

The position of pastor at HCC is currently available and we hope to fill the position in a timely manner. We are looking for a qualified pastor with a calling to shepherd and equip this congregation, encouraging them to grow spiritually and engage meaningfully with those around them. We believe our congregation would be well served by a pastor who holds fast to the authority of scripture, empowers others to grow in ministry, and cares for the people through wise counsel and fellowship.

If this position resonates with you, we invite you to complete this questionnaire. Along with the completed questionnaire, we would like you to email us your current resume/CV, and an attachment of an audio-file, or a link to a sermon you have preached recently and recorded. Everything you provide us with here will be prayerfully considered, and we will respond to you as soon as we are able.

Although we will not request further information from every person who responds, we will do our best to be in touch with everyone who shows interest, and we do plan to continue the process with candidates in whom we see a good potential fit. Thank you for your consideration. We are thankful for the ways God has grown this church and provided for her needs over the past four decades. According to His faithfulness and care, we believe He will continue to do so.

Grace and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ,

The Pastoral Search Committee of Heliopolis Community Church