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Series: Appearances and Ascension

7th May 2021 – Appearing to Apostles, WITH Thomas

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30th Apr 2021 – Passover and Good Friday

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23rd Apr 2021 – Restored and Commissioned

16th Apr 2021 – Appearing to Disciples heading to Emmaus

9th Apr 2021 – Appearing to Mary Magdalene

Series: Easter

2nd Apr 2021 – Friday: The Unexpected Disciple

19th Mar 2021 – Wednesday: How much is Jesus Worth?

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12th Mar 2021 – Tuesday: Olivet discourse

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5th Mar 2021 – Monday: Clearing the Temple

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26th Feb 2021 – Sunday: Triumphant Entry

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Series: Make Every Effort

19th Feb 2021 – Make every effort to be found spotless, blameless and at peace

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12th Feb 2021 – Make every effort to add to your faith goodness

5th Feb 2021 – Make Every Effort to live at peace and be holy

29th Jan 2021 – Make every effort to enter that rest

22nd Jan 2021 – Make every effort to keep the unity

15th Jan 2021 – Make every effort to do what leads to pace and mutual edification

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8th Jan 2021 – Make every effort to enter through the narrow door

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Series: Christmas Series

1st Jan 2021 – New Year

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11th Dec 2020 – Who is the Messiah

4th Dec 2020 – The Saviour is born

27th Nov 2020 – That will bring great joy

20th Nov 2020 – I bring you good news

Series: Making Memories

13th Nov 2020 – Extraordinarily Intentional Contentment

30th Oct 2020 – Simple but not simple

25th September 2020

Psalm 1 How to be blessed by God

18th September 2020

Job 19:21-27 – Redeeming the Righteous

11th September 2020

Proverbs 2; 1-11; “Making Memories”

Series: 1 John

4th September 2020 – 3 John: “To my Dear Friend Gauis”

28th August 2020 – 2 John Caution against disunity

21st August 2020 – 1 John Knowing you have Eternal Life

31st July 2020 – 1 John How to untangle the truth from the lies

24th July 2020 – 1 John Love is … more than words

17th July 2020 – 1 John Confident at His coming

10th July 2020 – 1 John Knowing that you know

3rd July 2020 – 1 John Stuck inside Yo’ Head

26th June 2020 – 1 John Remember the Gospel of Christ

19th June 2020 – 1 John Solid and Clear

12th June 2020 – 1 John Sin and Forgiveness

Sermon Audio:

(words you can use as you talk with God)

1. I have allowed myself to willfully co-exist with sin in my life, uncontested
2. I choose today to turn from this and to turn back to you Lord
3. With your help, I declare war on sin in my life. I will not win every battle and I know you will cleanse me when I fail, but I will not stop fighting until I have victory or I see you face to face

**This prayer puts you back in the battle. You are no longer walking in darkness.

(words you can use as you talk with God)

1. “I have committed ________ and I agree with you that this is wrong.”
2. Thank you Jesus for paying the cost for this on the cross. I place my hands on the sacrificial Lamb of God as he is slain for me.
3. I have no defence in my own righteousness, but I claim the full righteousness of Jesus.
4. I step back into the light with you, Lord. Fill me with your Spirit and your resurrection power. Control me, fellowship with me.

**This prayer keeps you walking in the light. It can be prayed as often as needed, even multiple times a day for the same sin, if you are truly committed to not walking in darkness


Here’s a link to John Carlock’s dissertation “Matta el-Meskeen: a model from the Egyptian desert”.

5th June 2020 – 1 John Intro

Series: Prayer

29th May 2020 – Listening in Prayer

22nd May 2020 – Prayer and Leadership

15th May 2020 – Prayer as a Marathon

8th May 2020 – How regular people’s prayers become powerful and effective

1st May 2020 – Prayers of Joy

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24th April 2020 – Prayers of Lament

Images of Easter Series

17th April 2020 – The Messiah and Jonah

12th April 2020 – Easter day, Sunrise Service

10th April 2020 – The Messiah and the Great day

3rd April 2020 – The Triumphal Entry

27th March 2020 – The Messiah and the Lamb (Passover)

Online Church

Images of Easter Series

13th March 2020 – The Messiah and the Ram (This service was not recorded)

28th Feb 2020 – The Messiah and the snake

God’s Christmas messages to you

3rd Jan 2020 – God says, “Here is your best gift”

27th Dec 2019 – God says, “Here is your first gift”

20th Dec 2019 – God says, “You are not alone”

13th Dec 2019 – God says, “This will test our faith”

6th Dec 2019 – God says, “prepare for a miracle”