Service Times

Welcome to HCC.
We are now in a transitional time of meeting online with Zoom and with a few people gathering at church to view the Zoom meeting together. This is the 1st step following the precautions and restrictions outlined by the government. Our virtual service is from 9am – 10:30am local Egyptian time.
This week, on Friday 18 September, we continue our series of sermons called “Making Memories.” We believe very strongly that you should have the Bible in your heart and the only way to get it there is by memorizing it.
Each week, each sermon has a message about WHY you should memorize that particular verse. So you will get a variety of passages, and a variety of preachers helping you to get God’s Word in your heart!
This week we look at Job 19:25-27 and consider the truth of God “Redeeming the Righteous.”

Please email [email protected] for details of how to join the online meeting

Children’s Christian Education:

      • Children’s church will resume when St Michael’s facility reopens.

Small Groups:

      • HCC is observing the published guidelines to limit exposure to the covid-19 virus.

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