1st Friday of Advent – Jesus our King (The wise men’s gift of gold)

The four weeks of Advent are like a journey where we bring our gifts, ask God for discernment, and are prepared and ready to worship Christ at his birth.

HCC will observe Advent (meaning ‘coming’ or ‘arrival’) starting this Friday, November 29, and for the four weeks leading up to Christmas. In Advent we see a threefold coming of the Messiah:
1. A celebration of His first coming – born to Mary as her Son, Jesus.
2. Preparation for His second coming at the end of the world as judge.
3. Celebration of His coming into our hearts through rebirth.

All are welcome to come to our Friday Worship Services during Advent. This week, the First Advent service will focus on the theme of Jesus our King, as symbolized by the gift of gold that the wise men brought to honor His birth.

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