Fall Seminar Series: Oct 7 & 21


Heliopolis Community Church would like to invite you to their free Friday Fall Seminar Series. October features two lectures by Prof. Steve Wunderink. He will ignite your interest in Ancient Egypt.


Where: HCC which meets at St. Michael’s and all Angels located at 10 Seti (City) Street in Korba, Heliopolis
When: Friday from 6:00-7:00 pm on Oct 7 and 21

Week #1 Oct 7
• Did the Exodus really happen?
• An in-depth look at the Plague Narrative in the light of the Horus/Set Myth

Week #2 Oct 21
• Joseph and Egyptian Dream Culture
• Pyramids and Sphinx in the Bible
• What is a person? Or Why Mummification?

Prof. Steve Wunderink

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