Seminar Series for March 17 & 31 @ 6pm

    Our March Seminar Series by Dr. Nairy is planned for the 17th and 31st from 6 – 7pm

March 17— “Bi-cultural Marriages”
Do two different cultural/ethnic backgrounds impact a marriage? If so, in which areas: Communication, parenting, goals, etc.?  We will learn about the benefits and challenges as Dr. Nairy facilitates a conversation with a panel of 4 couples who are in Bi-Cultural marriages. There will be opportunity for questions and answers with the panelists as well.

March 31— “Singles and Marrieds In Community”
Our community is a wonderful mix of married and single men and women.  Our needs, desires, and visions can often vary or conflict.  What would singles like marrieds to know and understand and vice versa for marrieds?  Enjoy an evening of insightful conversation as we grow in love and honor of one another.

Dr. Nairy has been involved in cross cultural ministry for the last 25 years.  She holds a Doctorate of Ministry in Pastoral Counseling and has written a book on her experiences of living and serving globally.  She is a big advocate of taking a weekly Sabbath rest and enjoys watercolor painting, journaling, fitness training, and studying languages; currently Arabic.  
Egypt holds a special place in Nairy’s heart as her mother was born and raised in Heliopolis. 


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