TCK Seminar Series – Feb 17 & 24 @ 6pm

Welcome to our free Seminar Series on TCK (Third Culture Kids or Cross Cultural Kids) February 17 & 24 at 6pm.

How would your child answer the following questions? “Where are you from?” or “Where is home?” It may seem like an easy answer for you, “Egypt, the U.S., Canada, Australia, India, Nigeria….” But for your child, who is growing up overseas or in a multicultural family, the answers may not be as simple. How can we help our children celebrate their unique stories and make the most of their experiences? How can we support them in their life journeys?

HCC will present a two-part series on Third Culture Kids/Cross Culture Kids. We invite teachers, Adult TCKs, parents of TCKs, parents of multicultural families, and other interested individuals to join our free seminars.

February 17 – Part 1 – Benefits and Challenges of Growing Up as a Third Culture or Cross Cultural Kid

February 24 – Part 2 – Through the Eyes of a Third Culture or Cross Cultural Kid

Presenter: F. Kenoyer, Ph.D. – Adult TCK and Experienced Educator working with Third Culture and Cross Cultural Kids

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