Friday morning worship (starting at 10:00am) at HCC is a powerful time of
celebration.  Through worship, believers at HCC seek to glorify God by
lifting up praise to Him with a united voice.  The international flavor of
HCC is represented most clearly through the worship styles of the many
different praise and worship leaders.  HCC is blessed with individuals
from many different backgrounds.  This blessing manifests itself in the
musical styles, interpretations, and blends of music and culture which fill our
worship services each Friday morning.  With believers from unique
backgrounds and cultures, worship at HCC is a harmonious blend of adoration,
prayer, and praise.  


Praising our God has resulted in an overflow of energy, passion,
and desire to worship Him beyond what is possible in a morning service.
This overflow of praise has manifested itself in Worship Evenings which
provides us ample opportunity to “sing our hearts out” to the Lord,
worshiping His holiness and singing His praises and glories for an extended
time.  Worship Evenings at HCC are times of unabashed praise of our
Heavenly Father.  This spiritual outpouring is passionate, intimate, and

All are welcome to come and worship with us. Please note
Upcoming Events list for the next Worship Evening scheduled.