Youth Director Search

Youth Director Search

Through the years HCC has been blessed with great youth leaders who have dedicated themselves to supporting the large and growing number of youth in our congregation. We know that when dedicated youth leaders were present, their commitment made an incredible difference in shaping and maturing our sons and daughters. They were listening to our children, counseling them wisely, modeling a life of faith in Christ, teaching them to grow in God’s Word, and leading them to serve and worship in the power of the Holy Spirit.

HCC is currently searching for a youth Director who is willing to pour into the lives of our youth. Many of our youth are Third Culture Kids who have their own unique way of viewing the world. All of our youth need the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

We believe God is preparing someone to lead this special work and to be blessed in the process. Our prayer is that they will step forward, raise funds, and enter into this ministry at HCC. Although we would prefer a ministry couple, qualified singles are also invited to apply. If interested, please fill in the questionnaire below.

If you know someone else who might serve well in this position, please invite them to visit the HCC website.

Thank you,

John Siess
Chairman, Leadership Team HCC

Youth Director Search Questionnaire…

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Please take a moment to review HCC’s Biblical Lifestyle Covenant, as an indication of how seriously we hope our church leaders will integrate their life and faith.

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